Announcement of the

Science Award Electrochemistry

Battery Materials, Systems and Production
raised by BASF and Volkswagen

Strong and efficient energy storage is essential for renewable energy as well as for electric vehicles. Thus scientific research and its application have to draw great attention to create innovation in the battery value chain to contribute to sustainable energy supply and individual mobility.

Volkswagen and BASF, two leading industrial companies, wish to fund excellent scientific research in the faculties of chemistry, physics and engineering, as well as its application in energy storage. The research activities in focus of this Science Award contest could address, but are not limited to, battery materials, cells, battery systems, production and operations as well as recycling. All aspects of the battery value chain are included in this contest. Scientific as well as applied research is welcome: The initiators encourage researchers from universities, scientific institutions and corporate research labs to participate.

The Science Award contest should give the impetus for a new generation of researchers, including, but not limited to, postdoctoral fellows intending to habilitate or assistant professors/junior professors establishing a new institute or chair.

Additionally in 2016, the initiators of the contest want to draw attention especially to the field of applied research with a Special Award. Innovation needs applied research to transfer basic research into practice. Please note that this Special Award for Applied Research has special terms and conditions.

The total prize money of the Science Award is 85,000 EUR with the first rank worth 50,000 EUR for the best application selected by a high-ranked jury of experts. The Special Award for Applied Research is endowed with a prize money of 15,000 EUR.

For detailed information particularly with regard to terms and conditions of both contests, application requirements and further application details, please refer to the contest invitations which are available on this website. The closing date for applications is August 12, 2016, midnight (Central European Time, CET).

Wolfsburg/Ludwigshafen, April 19, 2016

Volkswagen AG            BASF SE